Berlin Neue Nationalgalerie: Observations

Things have quieted down.

Che fare? Was tun?

Foolish feeling foolish feelings.

How to go? What put? What to do?

There comes and goes a green dog, a red dog, a white dog, a black and blue dog.

Or, is it a black dog and a blue dog?

My film is a rebus, an exercise in reading.

The Ice Saints’ Day approaching in planar time is or is not interesting.


Der westlichen Freiheit: what you see is what you see; one thing after another; it is what it is; which seems to have hit a wall, or hit freedom, and recanted.


Reversed navel:

potato chip,

(golf course).


Knee diner. Punch bag against a hillside. Check, check. mouse doom / SUN SHIN,

cake = bed.


  • slips, lettering (shoe shine, sun shine)
  • tires
  • umbrellas
  • cigars
  • teeth,
  • crossword puzzle
  • bulb
  • garterbelt?
  • hair
  • rings
  • dresses (check.)
  • candy
  • skates (check.)
  • buggy
  • kool-aid (glass)
  • eyeglasses
  • (beer
  • stocking
  • vacuum
  • curtains
Claes Oldenberg, sketch, 1962, Berlin Neue Nationalgalerie

Claes Oldenberg, sketch, 1962, Berlin Neue Nationalgalerie


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