“We Are Pleased To Announce”

These works will present a negotiation of practices. Critical frameworks abound: a dedication to manipulation and subversion is evident. The artist offers his thoughts: “I like the idea that the viewer might be frozen.” Throughout the exhibition, the various textures predominate. The work ranges from the mundane to the fantastic, the solid to the fluid. In one gallery, an industrial fixture hovers, suspended inches above the floor; in another, a multi-hued transparency sighs, then settles. A large group of text-based drawings will be shown for the first time. Even now, the artist manages to extend his vocabulary, providing insight and suggesting parallels.

To confront preoccupations with personal and historical fetishisms, the work disowns its material involvements. The fixed meaning of financial markets is abandoned. Aggressive intimacy and unfocused permeability contend. Reacting against an excess of libidinal meaning, the artist points beyond contemporary discourse.  The work posits a ground.

What results is neither architecture nor curation but, instead, a further movement in time. Renovated images meet their ends; these things maintain their difference. This exhibition will reveal the drift between.


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